New: create your account

If you haven't used Joinby before, you first need to choose the community you want to join and create an account via the following steps after downloading the app:

  1. Choose "Create account"

  2. Add your location

  3. The app now shows available communities nearby.Choose the community you want to join

  4. Enter your email 

  5. Only for private communities: an email was send to the entered email address. Open your email on the mobile phone you've installed the app on and click on the link in the email. You should be redirected to the app and continue to step 6. Note: if you can't access your email on your mobile phone, you can request a "login password" instead of a link. You will get another email with a password which you can enter in the app.

  6. Add your profile pic, name, date of birth, gender and bio

  7. Add interests etc. and create account